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Shopping Mall Self- and Managed Service Launch

MartUGo is working hard to stay ahead of developments and trends in the retail industry. Now, we have recognized, recently visitors to malls have not recovered from COVID and are driving sales online.

We now offer merchants situated in shopping malls a self-service option to register their shops on the platform and create a product range immediately available and at a competitive subscription rate that includes social and other content support services - no need to have your site and we'll take care of the platform so you can focus on sales.

More and more are now considering our managed service for shopping mall merchants where we create a catalog of their products and manage the collection and delivery as part of the offer nowhere else is available today.

In this way, we are an extension of the merchant and drive sales with the benefit of logistics fully taken care of and included. We are seeing a significant uptake of the service as it complements in-store visits with online sales giving customers the assurance of quality and availability, as well as fulfillment or after-sales service.

We expect a surge of companies joining MartuGo as many will recognize changes in customer behaviors and the need for same-day or next-day deliveries while empowering and creating many jobs for aspiring drivers and in-store personnel alike.